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Mar 08, 2005

About Me

I’m just a poor moose, who was born on the wrong side of the tracks.  But I wanted to make something of myself so after I failed at medical school, flunked out of law school, lost my job at a Fortune 500 company, and eventually was let go by the local Taco Bell franchise, I decided to become a spokes-moose.  That’s when I made it big!

Ha!  Just kidding!  O.k., just kidding about the first part.  Truth is, I am a spokes-moose (for Moose Tracks ice cream), and it has made me somewhat famous.  But let’s keep that to ourselves.  For the sake of this site, just think of me as your normal, everyday moose with a good sense of humor and the ability to find cool things on the web.

And, oh yeah, I can write.  Most moose (or is it “mooses” or is it “meese”?) can’t write.


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Not very imaginative or funny, this post.

Does it get better...or worse?

Why can't your CEO blog? Is he or she not hip to the value of authenticity, transparency, passion?

A moose has to do the job? This makes me want ice cream or whatever you peddle?

dont' think so dude.

Cool ! A blogging moose - now I can tell my Canadian boss Carol (we're in the UK) that not only can a moose type (don't worry about not writing - everyone uses a keyboard these days), he promotes ice cream too ! I notice the recurring themes of peanut butter and chocolate. Now, here's my problem.. you seem to make my kind of ice cream, but I'm stuck over here in the UK. I can't afford to get over there, so who's your UK distributor ?

All the best, peterg22 and The Mildew Hall Crew.

Wow - this is what you find when ego-surfing.

From one blogging moose to another (I've been known as Mr. Moose since 1999 when I used to write one of the first proto-blogs for Futile.com before it changed format, and then as Dark Moose on SW.com since '02), I can tell you definitively that it's "meese".

So much so that I named my other blogs by that name, and ironically it's called Meese Can't Write:


That whole thing about 12 monkeys in a room with a typewriter is true...except its meese. :0)

And for the whackjob that responded about "not being very imaginitive" - having been around the Internet for a long time, you know what I've found to be the least imaginative activity? Armchair critics of society that can't decide if they're comedians or surly old men on the corner, bemoaning their own lack of socially redeemable commentary. In other words, it's easy to say something crappy to someone you don't know, in the apparent safe confines of anonymity. Ain't it? See? I just did.

People crack me up.

Dark Moose out

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