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April 21, 2005


Pam Calvino

I have not been able to get my favorite flavor, Bearclaw, at any of my local grocers for over a month now and was wondering what was happening with that flavor. Can you please let me know? I live in Simi Valley, CA. Thank you! I used to buy a half gallon every week!


Pam --

I received your email and have contacted our people in your area. I should have an answer for you in the next couple of days. We WILL find you your Bear Claw!! ;-)


Robert W

For the last number of months the sugar free/splenda moose tracks have been way below par. The fudge is not ribboned evenly through the ice cream and has separated into what are like grains of sand giving a grity texture to the ice cream even when the ice cream is alomst melted because the fudge still has a more solid consistancy. All of the product I have purchased like this for the past three months at least. I used to buy 1-2 tubs a week and the ice cream was creamy but now rarely get it. I first thought it might be a manufacturing glitch but seems to be consistent. Happy to discuss with someone if you email me a number.

I buy in Chapel Hill NC.


Robert --

I'll email you and get this taken care of.


Shawna Bartholomew

I have also been trying to find Bear Claw in my area as well and have not been successful could you please tell me where I could purchase this product.

I live in Williamsport, PA 17701

I Have already gone through withdraw but would be willing to become addicted again. LOL


Satish Bhardwaj

I used to live in a hotel at the border of queens and brooklyn on Jamaca ave. There was an ice cream distributor that distributed every major brand to supermarkets to gourmet ice cream stores that sell individual cones. They always had ice cream containers left over. I always had free ice cream. But I had no freezer. So I could only pick up one half gallon container or sever containers with different flavors. Just eat one or two spoons and throw away the rest. I never had any need to buy ice cream. Now I live in manhattan. I've to buy ice cream. But lucky for me Dunkins Donut sells Baskin Robbin ice cream cone for one dollar.


Shawna --

Bear Claw is not available in any grocers in your area, but it is carried by Walgreen's drug stores. Do you have any near your home?


Hollie Griffis

The only place that I have been able to buy your ice cream was at a Harris Teeter Grocery Chain on Hilton Head Is. in SC. I am now in GA, we have no Harris Teeter and I wish another store would carry your ice cream. It's the best I've ever eaten. We have Bi-Lo, Public, Kroger. Thank You


Everytime we try to buy bearclaw the stores are out. Kroger carried it but always ran out and has not had it in stock for over a year. Albertsons had it once, and ran out. Why is it so hard to find this flavor? Wylie Texas


Dennis --

Kroger doesn't carry Bear Claw any more, but Albertson's does. However, they just went through a packaging change and you may not have recognized Bear Claw as it's now in the Albertson's brand. You can also find Bear Claw at Walgreen's drug stores nationwide.

I hope this helps!

Walter Titus

I really like your ice cream. It's rich, smooth , and creamy. mmmmmmm. I recently bought Moose Tracks and the fudge was only at the top, not through out the ice cream and there were only 4 peanut butter cups in the whole container. I had 2 in mine, my father and mother each had only one. It was very disapointing because i was really looking foward to the peanut butter cups. Can you please tell me what happened?


Walter --

If you email me at the email address above, I'll forward your issue to the right people and we'll make sure this problem with your container is made right for you.


Peggy Medaris

This comes from South Lake Tahoe in California. I cannot find Denali ice cream of any flavor here. Raley's carried it. We also have a Safeway store here. I really, really need my Denali ice cream and it is nowhere to be found in this area. Can you help??


Peggy --

Raley's has our ice creams in the Denali package and Safeway carries them in the Safeway Select brand. If you need more information, check out our store locator here:

Thanks for eating our ice creams!


I just have a question that is driving my family crazy. How is ice cream put into cartons so it fits perfectly? Cut and wrapped or poured and sealed?


It's poured into cartons in a semi-hard state and then sent to a deep-freeze room immediately to harden fully.

Dennis Rowland

Hello, I really enjoy your product. I purchase them at Harris Teeter here in Clemmons, NC. Unfortunately the last two Carmel Caribou (one of my favorite flavors) had no candy treats, it is probably just a short term malfunction but I wanted to let you know. I got the batch number from the bottom of the container in case that might help. It was 010307.
Sincerely, Dennis Rowland.


Dennis --

Sounds as if there's been a bad batch made. Since there's so much "stuff" in our ice creams, sometimes the cup filler runs out during production and isn't refilled in time -- so a handful of cartons have less than usual number of cups, fudge, caramel, etc.

If you go to and send in an email stating your problem (via the contact sheet), we'll get some carton information from you, then contact the dairy that made the product and make sure you are reimbursed.


Does Moosetracks ice cream from Walgreens have any sort of tamper resistant seal?


kroger used to carry a Private Selection flavor called White Thunder...They say it has been discontinued ? I am in the Phoenix Az. area, is there anywhere else I could find This flavor ???


Tony --

You can find where any of our flavors are carried by visiting this link:


In 2004 Safeway Selects used to have a flavor called Tiramasu. I thought it was the best ice cream ever. Then in Jan. 2005 I moved to Minesota for six months and couldn't get to Safeway. A few months later I came back to Arizona (and Safeway) but I couldn't find that flavor anymore. What happened to it? Will it ever reappear? Is someone else making Tiramasu?


I'm sorry, Grace, we don't make Tiramasu and never have -- and I don't know anything about it. Your best bet is to contact Safeway.

Shane McGill

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Please see

We need to meet and talk.

Kindest Regards
Shane McGill - President
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I am looking for sugar free original moose tracks in Los Angeles. The Walgreeens I checked does not have it, and the Ralphs I checked that used to have it, does not have it now.


Jim --

You can find a list of all the places each one of our flavors is sold by visiting this link:


What has happened to all the No Sugar Added (NSA) Ice creams in Seattle Washington? I'm dying here... there is NOTHING that even comes close to the amazing Denali...


Hi, I LOVE the Denali chocolate in moosetracks, but I'm not a fan of ice cream (sorry!). Is there any place I can get the chocolate besides stealing it out of my husband's Moosetracks ice cream? I would buy it by the bar, I would buy it by the jar - any way available - and I bet lots of other folks would, too!


Jackie --

No, sorry, we don't. You can see details on why at our FAQ page here:


I recently tried your Bear Claw flavor and it is just heavenly. I had to post a comment of appreciation for such a devine ice cream flavor. FYI I am a definite choloate lover and this hit the spot.

Mrs. Happy Camper


My husband loves the Otter Tracks Ice Cream. I can not find it...thought it was at Walgreens but no luck. I am in the north Atlanta, Georgia suburbs.


MHC --

You can find a list of all the places each one of our flavors is sold by visiting this link:


I live in Ohio and use to get this Ice cream all the time from Kroger. I have now been looking for it on every Kroger's shelf that I go into in OHIO and I can not find it any longer.
PLEASE HELP I did find it at the Anderson's in the cafe under I believe Velvet once called stars and stirps and they had it around the 4th of July in 2006 but that was it.


Chad --

What ice cream are you looking for exactly?

Terry Mitchell

I am looking for the creator of moose tracks, that spoke at our church in syracuse ny. Is there another venue where I may converse with the woman who was saved while visiting with her sister in Texas.


Terry --

Your best bet is to email us. See the "Contact Denali" link on the left above.


I am from fayetteville NC and I cannot find bear claw anywhere,I called Harris teeter and Walgreens but they didnt have it, please tell me where can I find it in Fayetteville or can you have some sent to fayetteville because I am in love with denali bear claw.


I am from fayetteville NC and I cannot find bear claw anywhere,I called Harris teeter and Walgreens but they didnt have it, please tell me where can I find it in Fayetteville or can you have some sent to fayetteville because I am in love with denali bear claw.

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